Paul Delkaso  - President & CEO


Paulos “Paul” Delkaso serves as President and CEO  of Tristar Group LLC (TSG), Tritent Global Energy Group (TEGE) & Tristar Property Management LLC (TSPM). As  the CEO TriStar Group (TSG), Tritenet Global Energy Group ( TGEG); Paul is responsible for overseeing all activities of the company business engagements in the areas of energy, international commodity trading, oil and mining, technology transfer, mainly focusing on countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. He identifies potential business opportunities; primarily major infrastructure based projects by numerous governments in the region, and facilitates business ventures, mergers and partnerships with government entities, entrepreneurs, and investors on behalf of Tristar Group and Tritente Global Energy Group. Paul is responsible for management and high end transactions, contributing extensive experience in the acquisition, management, leasing and redevelopment, financing, and disposition of shopping centers and Condominium buildings throughout the country and has been involved several shopping centers since he founded TSPM. Having recently closed on a $3.6 Billion deal, Hold ATP - which solidified a wind farm infrastructure development project relationship between Dentente (a Tristar partner) and Ethiopian Electric Power, and currently facilitating over $4.2 Billion commercial solar project and transmission line , Oil  projects between Tritente Global Energy Group and several African and Latin America countries.


Paul is also a Managing Partner of Artilium Africa. Artilium plc traded London Stock Exchange “ARTA” - the AIM quoted provider of innovative telecommunication software and solutions, in order to meet the demand for data and telecom services in the fastest growing continent in the world. Paul as a leading managing role will bring Artilium’s 3G-4G mobile data service, cloud, and innovative telecom services to the African market. Paul believes Artilium’s disruptive micro-data center is an ideal solution to distribute telecom services throughout Africa where 1.3 billion people reside. Artilium already serves 50 telco brands such as T-Mobile and 15 million users in 20 countries with its services but as yet none based in Africa. His plan is to bring the Artilium-Africa solution to every African country mobile operator, MVNO business, educational institution, Government entities and every cell phone holder. Currently, He has established operations in the first of six countries.

Paul is the quintessence of a modern social impact change agent.


Paul holds a B.A. in Computer Science and an MBA. Moreover, Paul has several computer systems trainings and certifications. He is also a licensed Virginia real estate education instructor and real estate broker in the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland.



Dr. Tigabu Kassa - Managing Partner


Dr. Kassa is a Managing partner at Tristar Group (TSG) and Tritent global energy group (TEGE), all which are Virginia based companies. At Tristar Group and Tritent Global Energy Group Dr. Kassa facilitates business engagements in the areas of energy, international commodity trading, pharmaceuticals, oil and mining, technology transfer, and agriculture mainly focusing on countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. He identifies potential business opportunities; primarily major infrastructure based projects by numerous governments in the region, and facilitates business ventures, mergers and partnerships with government entities, entrepreneurs, and investors on behalf of Tristar Group and Tritent Global Energy Group.


Dr. Kassa in his early engagement at Tristar Group and Tritent Global Energy Group, he played a pivotal team role in closing a multibillion dollar contract for Wind Energy Development Program in Ethiopia in conjunction with Tristar Group’s and Tritent Global Energy Group’s Pan African partner Detente Group. The Program entails the end-to-end development of 4 wind farms, totaling 1,200MW, along with the study of 36 candidate wind farm sites for possible future development. Dr. Kassa since joining Tristar Group and Tritent Global Energy Group as a managing partner is at the forefront of bringing potential transactions spanning from a 200 MW Solar Photovoltic project in Kenya, a potential 200 MW wind IPP generation in Uganda, and in facilitating and submitting a comprehensive energy solution to the governments of South Sudan and Zambia covering both renewable and nonrenewable based energy sources.


Dr. Kassa also at the United States Patent and Trademark Office co-founded a professional organization named Society of Ethiopian-American Engineers and Scientists that now has more than 100 members, who serve the Ethiopian American community at large in numerous capacities and helping the career development of professional advancement of numerous professionals.


Dr. Kassa holds a PhD in chemistry with emphasis in biochemistry and medicinal chemistry and a BS in professional chemistry from Northern Illinois University (NIU). At NIU both his undergraduate and graduate research in the area of biochemistry, immunochemistry, organic chemistry, and bioanalytical chemistry have been published in several peer reviewed scientific journals. Before migrating to the United States of America, Dr. Kassa also earned an advanced diploma in Industrial Chemistry from Bahir Dar Polytechnic Institute in Ethiopia. After graduating, he worked for the French based BGI PLC, a major beer production company in Ethiopia in extensive managing capacity the production and quality control of high quality beer. Dr. Kassa at BGI PLC managed and supervised numerous employees in divisions of water treatment, brewing, filtration, quality control, and bottling.



Mr. Orlan M. Johnson - Chief Advisor to Tristar and Tritente Global Energy Group.


Mr. Orlan M.Johnson - Spearhead the provision of policy advisory services on Renewable Energy (RE) through close cooperation Tri-star and Tritente team and Governments of sub-Saharan Africa. He Manage the team in developing RE policy and strategy for the company including scenario development and economic analysis; Provide advice and support on overall programme implementation Energy and Climate Change Strategy from an energy perspective and support to the sub-Saharan African Government clients. Mr. Johnson will be resposible in Supporting and manage programme of the company with Energy Efficiency Campaign roll out; Provide support to key management staff within Tri-Star and tritente global energy Group;  Provide expert policy advice and strategic direction to management and stakeholders on matters relating to scaling up the deployment of RE technologies in sub-Saharan Africa. He also , Manage the preparation of progress reports and presentations to management and various stakeholders.


Mr. Orlan Johnson is a former partner in Saul Ewing's Business and Finance Department. Mr. Johnson was appointed by President Obama and confirmed by the United States Senate to be the Chairman of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). SIPC is currently the lead organization handling the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the Bernard Madoff brokerage firms. He is also an adjunct professor of law at Howard University School of Law where he has taught Securities Regulation classes in connection with the fundamentals of federal and state securities laws, including the 1933, 1934 Acts and the Investment Company Act of 1940. He is member of the boards of directors for the National Aquarium in Baltimore and the University of Maryland Medical System Corporation. Previously he has served as a Branch Chief for the Division of Investment Management of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and in February 2011, the SEC honored Regent Johnson as a "trailblazer" by the SEC's African American Council in observance of African American History Month.Mr. Johnson is President of the Prince George's Community College Foundation Board and a former member of the college's Board of Trustees. He is a graduate of Andrews University and Howard University School of Law.


Mr. Daniel S. Bicz - Senior Advisor of Tristar and Tritente Global Energy Group


Dan is an experienced professional who brings many years of leadership in advisory, information and research businesses, primarily focused on renewable energy. He has managed several energy development Initiatives since 2008.  He has also provided financial advisory services on 200MW of solar projects in Canada and US Virgin Islands, developed plans to assist Native Americans sell fuel to DOD and to power a water plant, feasibility assessments to re-develop 5 large properties (i.e. coal and auto plants) into energy parks. He has secured funding options for biomass project with a $120 million Duke Energy contract and forged a program to deploy revolutionary, drop-in modular micro grid with 1MW battery storage and et al.


Daniel has won numerous national, regional, community and Humanitarian awards and commendations for technical innovations, planning, creating private-public business assistance programs and revitalizing shuttered sites (from USEPA). Such awards include: "America's Top 6 Emerging Innovation," "American Planning Association," "National Housing Endowment Award," and "Presidents Cup Award from the Builders Associaition," among many other accolades. He Formed partnership with ABC-TV's Extreme Makeover- Home Edition as charitable platform resulting in 5.5 hours of prime time broadcast and approximately $1million of donations. Dan will build on the strong foundation laid by the team in to a new phase of development , focusing on outreach and client services and other significant task.

Mr.Yoni Wiss - Head of Crude Products - Sugar, Wheat and other commodities.

Yoni Wiss is a native Israeli from Jerusalem who currently live in VA with passion and Enthusiasm for commodity treading. Yoni  started his career by launching the first commodities fund at Tristar group. He has been instrumental in developing the company's oil, Sugar and wheat business for several Years . Yoni is seasoned commodities trader, seeking to re-think brokerage as an added-value complement to high-level trading.


Ms. India Alston - Marketing and Brand Management

India Alston is a native of Washington, DC with a passion and enthusiasm for creative direction. After graduating Stanford University with a B.A. in African and African-American Studies, she worked various positions in Marketing and Brand Management, later launching her company Beam Global Strategies, LLC. With a focus in devleoping go-to-market strategies and brand identities for globally positioned, emerging and corporate brands, India builds from her core desire to help entrepreneurs stand out in competitive markets. India is extremely passionate about Africa, economic development and bridging the gaps for access to growth opportunities through technology, business development and dialouge. India currently represents clients in various industries, including green technology, pharmaceuticals, construction development, entertainment and non-profits. She serves as Director of Marketing to Jordan based social impact media platform New Arab Media and also currently serves on the Board of Directors for both the Chamique Holdsclaw Foundation, Inc., and Operation HOPE, Inc.

Mr.Joshua Delkaso - VP TGTIG

Josh is an experienced professional who brings clear leadership in advisory, information and research businesses primarily focused on Monetization on SKR and 4301. Primary responsibilities include client service and Monetization on SKR and 4301 assessment services with companies trading on precious metal and stone preparation and analysis. He also has also extensive experience on analyzing the certification of Gemology studies.